The spokespersons of Rolex Watches

4Roger Federer

This is Roger Federer, after he won the French Open champion, holding the Cup, his face filled with happiness and smile., which showed all kinds of ambition and supremacy of King style. Federer is a well-known tennis player in the world. He achieved countless honors in his career, but he was never complacent. After winning a Grand Slam, he didn’t get carried away, but trained hard and eager to create more brilliance and more miracles. Since entering the tennis field, Federer has been loved by the people all around the world, and his friendly attitude and charming smile conquered the hearts of millions of people, Federer set an example for all professional athletes. His attitude to the competition as well as the shooting are impeccable. His endorsement of this luxury replicas watches fully embodies the man of noble character, that is generosity,  Strong power, strength, struggle, spirit of “never say die”, energy, introvert, reserve, and friendliness.


Ivanovi was a famous female professional tennis players in Serbia, by far she ranked the number 1 in highest singles in the world. She lived up to her reputation as a “leading lady” of tennis and she once obtained the second place of French Open, Wimbledon Open and Chinese Open. What’s more, she was the winner of the latest French Open. Ivanovi was wildly popular with the media and sponsors for her unique and exotic appearance and elegance. Plenty of offers of Photo shoot came one after another.  Her picture was on the magazine cover is very common, and Ivanovic’s name also began to regularly appear in various men’s magazines on the sexy list. Her endorsement of this Rolex watch is full of charming sexy, and she was also dignified, elegant and intoxicating. Gold Dial showed more noble of Ladies Rolex Watch. such as rolex presidential replica watches
Caroline Wozniacki

Although Caroline Wozniacki once ranked the number one in women tour in the world, she was yet to get a champion in singles of the four Grand Slam. However, she’d never give up. Her endorsement of this Rolex watch showed sweet and confidence of modern lady and the spirit of never give up.


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