For a small business, having a perfect search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely difficult. Online and offline SEO takes years of hard work, but it can be drastically brought down with just one change in the Google algorithm.

Google is known to make constant changes in its algorithms. This is to provide the best search results to millions of its users. This is why small business websites have to always keep up to keep their page optimized. Despite the limited resources and technical knowledge, here are the basic SEO practices small-business owners must do to appear higher in Google rankings.

Get Local Citations

Make sure that your business name, address, telephone number appear in someone else’s website. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your online presence online. In the local citation, a local website lists the name of your business on its page.

You can find directories and other websites who will be willing to list your small business. Make sure that your business details are all consistent. This will give Google signals that you are part of the community and your company really exist.

Relevant Content

Google loves relevant content especially if it is lively and evergreen. The more relevant your content and helpful to the users, the more it will rank since the main purpose of Google is to be more useful for the searchers.

Utilize Social Media

Your small business needs a social media presence. Whatever changes Google makes in its algorithms, your social media presence will always help to boost your SEO effort.

Make a Facebook page, share business pictures on Instagram, post valuable and relatable tips on Twitter, and share infographics on Pinterest. Link your posts to an appropriate landing page and expect your social signals to enhance your online presence.

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