If you need additional skilled staff on a part-time basis, outsourced it. If you want an expert to take care of your business website, outsourced it. Outsourcing or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become a widely used business practice among small to medium-sized enterprises. They hire the third party to handle business tasks for them.

Outsourcing providers or freelancers fall into any of these categories:

Back Office/Admin Support

The back office manages administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the business. Typical jobs include human resources and recruitment, information technology, and finance and accounting.

Inbound Customer Service

Call center agents to attend to the concerns of clients. It includes the following services: query handling, appointment setting, booking orders, help desk. virtual reception, information request, technical troubleshooting, the filing of grievances, payment concerns, and product details request.

Outbound Customer Service

It aims to boost the marketing campaigns of enterprises. Call center agents conduct follow up calls to gain leads and customers. The services include telemarketing, product launch, customer satisfaction survey, lead generation, order fulfillment, appointment setting, and sales support.

Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant or outsourced personal assistant work in managing the entrepreneur’s administrative tasks, launch and track down marketing campaigns, customer service, and personal tasks organization.

Web Design and Development

Web designers are highly-creative, skilled in front and back-end technologies individuals who can create dynamic websites. Many web developers do side jobs and earn from designing, developing, and maintaining the websites for the clients.

SEO and Online Marketing

SEO is important in digital marketing. There are 4 options you can choose when hiring a staff:

  • SEO freelancers – You can find independent freelancers to perform SEO tasks for you
    in eLance, oDesk, Upwork, and rethink staffing. It is the best option for website
    owners who want to hire a proficient and reliable virtual employee at a low cost.
  • SEO company- When you choose to hire an SEO company, your tasks and goals will
    be worked out by a team of SEO professionals.
  •  SEO contractors- Contractors work like the independent freelancers. It’s likely that
    you will have long-term working relationships with them.
  •  A full-service agency – Like an SEO company, working with an agency will give you the advantage of having a professional team to do the tasks for you. Aside from SEO, they can also help you with your digital marketing needs.

These categories cover most of the outsourcing services. So, when you need to outsource one or more functions of your business, review these categories to assist you on your search.

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